Community Responses – Week Seven

And so, we’ve reached the final week of Living Lent. As we’ve travelled through the last seven weeks, the most significant discovery, for me, has been community. As we’ve all attempted to take on our own challenges and have faced our own difficulties and excitement, the opportunity of the Living Lent community groups has been … Continue reading Community Responses – Week Seven

Community Responses – Week Six

Some of you have been getting green fingered, discovering new home grown veggie options! “One of the best parts of this challenge is the genuine joy and appreciation for creation that you get when something new is in season. Really looking forward to harvesting some asparagus next week. Is anyone else seeing new food options … Continue reading Community Responses – Week Six

Community Responses – Week Five

This week’s community highlights are a wonderful mix of recommendations, feedback and encouraging examples of community members getting involved. We loved seeing these impressive leeks from Longsight Community Church of the Nazarene – looks like Living Lent is going well for their allotment! St Andrew’s Church in Birmingham tweeted a poignant poem about care for … Continue reading Community Responses – Week Five

Community Responses – Week Four

We’ve had another great week of Living Lent, as we’ve been presented with new challenges and new opportunities to make conscious and considerate choices. Over the past week, we’ve really enjoyed seeing the encouragement within the Living Lent community. Trying to live differently is hard, and a lot of us have found ourselves slipping up … Continue reading Community Responses – Week Four

Community Responses – Week Three

It’s Week Three of Living Lent. All the ideas, successes (and fails!) you have been sharing on Facebook, Twitter and the community webpage have been so encouraging to read! Here are just a few highlights of the past week. If you’d like to get back in touch with us during Lent, to share your journey … Continue reading Community Responses – Week Three

Community Responses – Week Two

We’re into week two of Lent and we are loving hearing how you are all getting on. Over on the Facebook group there have been some great suggestions for meals, gift alternatives and lots of encouragement. We’ve seen some great meal suggestions and heard some global responses too. We’ve put together some of the highlights … Continue reading Community Responses – Week Two