Community Responses – Week Three

It’s Week Three of Living Lent. All the ideas, successes (and fails!) you have been sharing on Facebook, Twitter and the community webpage have been so encouraging to read! Here are just a few highlights of the past week.

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Once you pop – what then?

Another visit to the Refill Larder in Teddington, to fill a Pringles tube with spaghetti, a cake tin with penne, and a… er… washing-up liquid bottle with washing-up liquid.
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A plastic fail!

Shared via Twitter, @kevinadene was well-meaning, failed and has resolved to do better next time. Thanks for your honesty, Kevin!

A lot of bottle

Fairtrade, buying local produce and the world’s poorest

One of our Facebook contributors has been reflecting on how the Living Lent challenge of ‘shopping local’ will still affect her after Lent.

I’m doing the living local challenge having run a Fairtrade business for many years. The way I see it is this… The people likely to be worst affected by climate change are the world’s poorest. They will the the ones who lose everything to freak storms and floods without savings or insurance. We absolutely owe it to those people to cut our carbon hard and fast. The local challenge has cut our plastic-use easily in half without really trying. Much of the local produce we are buying is grown with low inputs such as fertilisers and pesticide which are also cutting the carbon.

And I’m getting it without industrial processes, without the pointless trucking into a depot, across to another depot, out to a store and then out in a van for delivery and without the waste that inevitably occurs at each stage of the process.

I’m shopping without cans or jars, all of which are energy intensive to produce, even when we recycle them. This challenge had forced me to do things very differently and I can see the difference in the contents of my bins. I don’t think I ever would have gone this far without it.

Once the challenge is over I will evaluate what I’ve learned, keep doing the things that make a difference and that are sustainable from a personal point of view and ditch the unlocked for consequences.

I will return to some of the products that I love and missed and can’t be sourced locally. These will be Fairtrade wherever possible as they always have been. I can’t imagine never having chocolate or wine or bananas or almonds or Demerara sugar ever again.

That only leaves the either/or purchases which are happily fairly few – honey, strawberry jam, cheese biscuits, chilli sauce etc. I’ll ponder these long and hard and probably go with a combination. But I have definitely learned to lower my carbon through this experience and I will definitely keep many of those habits.

From the Living Lent Facebook group

A pizza the action

And finally, a drool-inducing photo from @Rainbowlaud of a vegan pizza – I wonder how many Living Lent ‘boxes’ it ticks?!

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