Community Responses – Week Three

It’s Week Three of Living Lent. All the ideas, successes (and fails!) you have been sharing on Facebook, Twitter and the community webpage have been so encouraging to read! Here are just a few highlights of the past week. If you’d like to get back in touch with us during Lent, to share your journey … Continue reading Community Responses – Week Three

The Personal is Political

The personal is political.  This phrase, borrowed from second wave feminists in the 1960s, seems like an appropriate challenge as we travel through Living Lent together.  I don’t know how you and your household have responded so far to the climate change challenges of Living Lent?  Perhaps you have been trying hard to buy food … Continue reading The Personal is Political

Eco Church and Eco Congregation

Part of Living Lent is about exploring how our practical lives affect our spiritual lives, and how our relationship with God affects our practical action. Theologian Richard Rohr says “we do not think ourselves into new ways of living, we live ourselves into new ways of thinking”. This Lent, we have the opportunity to discover … Continue reading Eco Church and Eco Congregation

Bethan – Chocolate and The Wilderness

When I look back on my childhood memories of Lent, I think of only one thing. Chocolate. Specifically, the recurring theme of me failing to give up chocolate. Year after year, my childhood self would take pride in taking up the mantle of giving up one of (in my opinion) the best foods on the … Continue reading Bethan – Chocolate and The Wilderness

Community Responses – Week Two

We’re into week two of Lent and we are loving hearing how you are all getting on. Over on the Facebook group there have been some great suggestions for meals, gift alternatives and lots of encouragement. We’ve seen some great meal suggestions and heard some global responses too. We’ve put together some of the highlights … Continue reading Community Responses – Week Two