Community Responses – Week Four

We’ve had another great week of Living Lent, as we’ve been presented with new challenges and new opportunities to make conscious and considerate choices.

Over the past week, we’ve really enjoyed seeing the encouragement within the Living Lent community. Trying to live differently is hard, and a lot of us have found ourselves slipping up at times. But the encouragement of community has kept us going, and reminded us that there’s space for grace!

Here are some of our community highlights from the past week:

We’ve been enjoying daily tweets from St Andrew’s Methodist Church in Birmingham. This one encouraged spending time enjoying the beauty of nature available to us:

We’ve been receiving some feedback through the website (which you can offer here). We love these comments from kids, and the realisation of unexpected joys!

“A friend asked our 13 year old son yesterday how we are getting on with it. He replied that it’s easy as Mum just reuses the plastics! I think he thinks I’ve missed the point! Yes, I have work-arounds for some plastics, but we’re trying a number of products in glass/cardboard instead and, of course, endeavouring to not buy things so much!”

“signed up to not buying anything new. Picked up 2nd hand book “waiting for God” at Compton Hospice. Expected light read inc Stephanie Cole. Even better -it is a book of meditations for the year. excellent support for Lent.”

We’ve had a great suggestion of a plastic free Easter egg which you can find out more about here:

We’ve even had a win! Tesco have started stocking mostly plastic free fruit and veg in two of their stores (and hopefully more soon). We think this might have had something to do with us … and maybe a few others! You can read more about this here.

Another great suggestion offers Lush as a good alternative for beauty products, as they recycle their own plastic in store.

Finally, some positive lessons learnt by having to live at a slower pace thanks to conscious consumerism!