Community Responses – Week Six

Some of you have been getting green fingered, discovering new home grown veggie options!

“One of the best parts of this challenge is the genuine joy and appreciation for creation that you get when something new is in season. Really looking forward to harvesting some asparagus next week. Is anyone else seeing new food options on the horizon?” – Ruth 

Some of the community have faced the dilemma of trying to find new outfits for posh dos, especially with the summer coming up…

“In the spirit of the challenge to not buy anything new, I’ve bought a suit from Oxfam online…This is new territory for me but it’s really making me think – not least about how many jobs would be created if we rediscovered the need for tailors and seamstresses.” – Micky

“My son got married last year… my three piece suit was from the hospicecare shop and cost me £3!” – Phil

“My wedding dress was from a charity shop” – Marie

What have your best second hand bargains been? Let us know, we’d love to find out!

Our furry friends have continued to enjoy Living Lent…
“Plastic free veg delivery. Better for the environment and more fun for the cat.” – Gethin

Over on Twitter, we’ve been talking about the new ‘clean air’ and ‘Ultra-Low Emission’ Zones introduced in Birmingham and London. Will these impact you? Let us know!

On the Living Lent Facebook community, some of the community have been trying out the WWF Carbon Footprint calculator.

I gave it a go, and was shocked at my own results!

I decided to try again, changing the aspects of my lifestyle I want to commit too after Living Lent (but being realistic about the things I can’t change). These included:

  • Staying vegetarian,
  • Giving up flying abroad (at least for the next year or so!),
  • Switching to a green energy tariff,
  • Not buying as much new stuff (which I’ve already started thanks to Living Lent!),
  • Trying to source food locally, within the restrictions of accessibility.

These were my new results – I was pleasantly surprised to see my footprint had reduced by almost 100%! Why not give it a go yourself? You can find the test here.

Finally, you’ve been sending in your feedback on the Living Lent website. If you want to let us know how you’ve been getting on, let us know here.

“I have to confess that I chose not buying anything new because I see myself as fairly frugal and didn’t think I would be tempted for 40 days. How wrong I was. Lidl had large plant pots for £6.99. I didn’t need them immediately but knew I could use them later in the year. It was only when I reached the checkout that I remembered my Lent promise. Back they went to the central aisle. I realised how easy it is to default on our promises. I haven’t done this post to show off because I didn’t succumb – I did. The act of loading the pots into my trolley was enough. ”

What have been your Living Lent surprises, challenges and joys? We’d love to hear about them. If you haven’t already, get in touch through the Living Lent Facebook community, Twitter or on the Living Lent Website Community Page.

Hannah Brown is the JPIT Intern for 2018-19. Her role involves managing JPIT’s social media, working with the Peace and Justice Forum and collaborating with the team to research and communicate key areas of JPIT’s workplan. She recently graduated from the University of Nottingham where she studied English Language and Literature. She has a background in local church partnership and engagement.