Community Responses – Week Five

This week’s community highlights are a wonderful mix of recommendations, feedback and encouraging examples of community members getting involved.

We loved seeing these impressive leeks from Longsight Community Church of the Nazarene – looks like Living Lent is going well for their allotment!

St Andrew’s Church in Birmingham tweeted a poignant poem about care for creation…

The Christian Union at Trinity High School in Manchester have been getting stuck in too…

Over on the Living Lent Facebook community, we’ve had out first carbon pawprint conversation! Have you got any top tips for reducing the carbon impact of our furry friends?

We’ve also had an interesting conversation about whether we should be washing our jeans. The CEO of Levi’s says he hasn’t washed his in 10 years, and it’s certainly one way to cut down on your carbon impact…what do you think? You can read more about it here.

And finally, some of our community members have been investigating sustainable loo roll, with more benefits than just plastic free packaging! You can find out more about them here.