The Personal is Political

The personal is political.  This phrase, borrowed from second wave feminists in the 1960s, seems like an appropriate challenge as we travel through Living Lent together.  I don’t know how you and your household have responded so far to the climate change challenges of Living Lent?  Perhaps you have been trying hard to buy food … Continue reading The Personal is Political

How to keep going when you’re finding it hard

As a carnivore with limited cooking skills, a love of bacon and a dislike for beans and pulses, I have begun Living Lent with more than a little apprehension. Indeed, however much I recognise the health, ethical and environmental reasons for giving up meat, or at the very least reducing consumption, I have yet to … Continue reading How to keep going when you’re finding it hard

Exploring Your Carbon Footprint

We all leave our mark on the world. Living Lent challenges us to think particularly about the carbon emissions we cause by our lifestyle choices, and the impact they will have on climate change. We can measure this ‘carbon footprint’ by adding up the emissions of the different energy-consuming activities which are part of our … Continue reading Exploring Your Carbon Footprint