Meet Your MP

Throughout Lent, we’ve explored the different ways that change can happen in order to respond to the climate crisis. Living Lent has focussed on individual action, and reducing your own carbon footprint by changing your daily habits. We’ve also unpacked how we can use consumer power to influence business, and how influencing investors and using … Continue reading Meet Your MP

Listening to Young People

As a young adult, taking part in Living Lent has raised some significant questions for me.  Giving up meat hasn’t exactly been that tricky so far – I’ve certainly had to change my habits, but day to day I’ve rather enjoyed making different choices about what I eat. However, as I’ve begun to more fully … Continue reading Listening to Young People

Plastic Waste

Call to Action: Stop UK local authorities exporting plastic waste to Asia The problem In 2017, the UK was the fifth largest exporter of plastic waste.  Surprisingly, we export more plastic waste than we recycle domestically, sending most of it to the Far East. Last year, the mountains of plastic waste that had overwhelmed recycling … Continue reading Plastic Waste

Eco Church and Eco Congregation

Part of Living Lent is about exploring how our practical lives affect our spiritual lives, and how our relationship with God affects our practical action. Theologian Richard Rohr says “we do not think ourselves into new ways of living, we live ourselves into new ways of thinking”. This Lent, we have the opportunity to discover … Continue reading Eco Church and Eco Congregation