He is Risen!

“Behold, I will create new heavens and a new earth. The former things will not be remembered, nor will they ever come to mind. But be glad and rejoice forever in what I will create …”

Isaiah 65: 17

And so we find ourselves on Easter morning. The day of life is here!

With the rising of the sun, we celebrate again the joyous and triumphant news of the rising of Jesus Christ. We celebrate that, in fulfilment of God’s promise, Jesus Christ has come again, to make all things new.

And, as we do so, we recognise that in the light of Christs’ resurrected life, we speak in hopeful anticipation of God’s promise to come again.

This Living Lent we have been looking forward: to the promise God makes to once again bring restoration to creation, to create ‘new heavens and a new earth’. In the midst of climate crisis, we have chosen to hear God’s promise in the face of brokenness and desperation. We have chosen to look forward to the promise of new life.

And, just as with Jesus’ restorative work on earth, the promise is that this again will be a restoration that will take place amongst us. As God calls us to ‘Behold!’, he makes the promise that with our own eyes we will see the resurrected glory of Christ. God offers a vision of enough for everyone, a fair share – and joy within creation. Peace, flourishing, in creation and amongst his people.

This is a restoration, a ‘making all things new’ which will use the dirt of the road to heal the eyes of the blind man. Where by the touch of hands brokenness will be repaired and in the washing of feet weary from walking, rest will be found. Amongst us, alongside us, using us, God heals and restores his much loved creation.

And, once again, as with Jesus’ resurrection, God calls us to be messengers of his good news. “Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here, he is risen!”.

As the women at the tomb were told to look for and proclaim life, so God calls us to offer life into creation. Now we have witnessed, celebrated and lived in the light resurrection in Jesus Christ, we are called to take this into the world which longs to know.

And so we find ourselves on Easter morning. The day of life is here.

How can we carry our calling to respond to the resurrection into creation? How might we witness, and be messengers of the good news that now, God is making all things new?

This reflection was first read on UCB Radio Sunday Breakfast, on Easter morning. You can find out more here.

Rachel Lampardis Team Leader of the Joint Public Issues Team. She has worked for the Methodist Church as Secretary for Parliamentary and Political Affairs since 2000. She was a Commissioner with the Gambling Commission, responsible for regulating the gambling industry in the public interest, for 9 years. She was the Vice-President of the Methodist Conference 2016/17.