A journey into the vegetarian wilderness…

This has been the first year I have ever embarked on the season of Lent with a meaningful commitment to go without. In previous years, I’ve dabbled with giving up chocolate, soft drinks, tea and other things that make my day just a little bit better. But these challenges have been neither particularly successful, nor … Continue reading A journey into the vegetarian wilderness…

Community Responses – Week Six

Some of you have been getting green fingered, discovering new home grown veggie options! “One of the best parts of this challenge is the genuine joy and appreciation for creation that you get when something new is in season. Really looking forward to harvesting some asparagus next week. Is anyone else seeing new food options … Continue reading Community Responses – Week Six

The premise of Living Lent

“It’s the economy stupid” Bill Clinton campaign slogan 1992 The premise of Living Lent is that God’s creation, at least in its current form, is under threat because of our actions in destabilising the earth’s climate and ecosystems. We have been aware of our damaging effect on the environment for a long time but the … Continue reading The premise of Living Lent

Meet Your MP

Throughout Lent, we’ve explored the different ways that change can happen in order to respond to the climate crisis. Living Lent has focussed on individual action, and reducing your own carbon footprint by changing your daily habits. We’ve also unpacked how we can use consumer power to influence business, and how influencing investors and using … Continue reading Meet Your MP

Community Responses – Week Five

This week’s community highlights are a wonderful mix of recommendations, feedback and encouraging examples of community members getting involved. We loved seeing these impressive leeks from Longsight Community Church of the Nazarene – looks like Living Lent is going well for their allotment! St Andrew’s Church in Birmingham tweeted a poignant poem about care for … Continue reading Community Responses – Week Five