Living Lent

We live in a time of uncertainty. The call to climate action has got louder, with research showing that our window of time to change predictions of the future is getting smaller and smaller.

The last year alone was the fourth warmest year on record, extreme weather events cost the world over $1 billion. Cape Town saw the worst recorded drought in history, and a summer of extreme floods in Japan killed over 230 people. Approximately 295 billion pieces of plastic were used in the UK alone, with 8 million tonnes of plastic found in the world’s oceans. Approximately one third of food produced globally went to waste, contributing to 8% of global greenhouse emissions.

All of this was accompanied by possibly the most radical call to action we have heard yet. The IPCC report on global warming warned that, at the current rate, we are not on track to achieve a safe limit of climate change – far from it. In order to reach the advised limit of 1.5° warming above pre-industrial levels, the report called for “rapid, far reaching and unprecedented” change to our lifestyles.

We know that we have to act now, and do more than simply switching of the lights every now and then.
Yet we continue to wait, deliberating and refraining from making any kind of real, significant commitment to change. We hold on tightly to the lifestyles we lead, and let the sacrifices we would have to make outweigh the things we potentially have to gain. On top of this, we’re not really sure whether the actions we have at our disposal will make any real commitment to the time ahead.

However , during Lent 2019 we want to invite you to be part of a community who will respond to this uncertainty by making significant personal commitments to changing our lifestyles for the climate. We do have actions at our disposal, and as a community we will endeavour to explore how giving up certain behaviours might lead to unexpected gain.

We want to invite you to make one of six commitments to changing your lifestyle for the climate during Lent. Could you:

  • Giving up single use plastics?
  • Going meat free, or get rid of animal products all together?
  • Take up alternative forms of transport?
  • Commit to one hour ‘electricity free’ every day?
  • Committing to living locally, in terms of food and resource sharing? 
  • Commit to buying nothing new?

As we make these commitments, and journey together throughout Lent, we will explore how commitment in the face of uncertainty is not foolish, but an act of faith and hope.

Are you up for exploring a new way of living this lent?

What does it involve?

When you sign up, you will become part of an online community, who will be making these commitments together. Through the Living Lent community, you will have access to blogs, spiritual reflections, devotional and creative materials which will help you to explore where this journey might take you.

You will also have the chance to RSVP, to get back in touch and share your experiences, difficulties and successes with the community. As we journey towards Easter, we will explore what it means to look towards hope of environmental and personal revival, in relationship with God.

It is also a chance for us to make a noise! A community of commitment activists is no small thing. Throughout Lent, we will have the change to raise our voice, and speak out on how our government and other leading organisations should be acting for change.

Sign up now, by visiting the homepage.

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