Richard Farmery is the Facilities and Property Coordinator for The Methodist Church. He advises and coordinates the central facilities and property, and provides guidance to churches a in relation to all facilities and property related matters.

Domestic energy use is one of the largest contributors to a person’s carbon footprint, almost everything we do contributes, simply having the fridge on, lights on, Wi-fi on contributes.  More than this, those items on standby are using electricity, using the earth’s resources and pushing up your energy bill.  For each person over a fifth of their carbon footprint is created by their domestic energy use.

Now some things can be switched off, and certainly those TVs can be turned off at night, others have to remain on.  Fridges are an obvious example.

Over the Lent period I will be looking in a series of short articles art some ways that could save you money as well as help the planet.

Available Tuesday 19th March:

Top Tip One: Loft Insulation

Available Friday 15th March:

Top Tip Two: Low Energy Lighting

Available Monday 18th March: 

Top Tip Three: Replace the Boiler

Available Friday 22nd March: 

Top Tip Four: Get Smart

Available Monday 25th March: 

Top Tip Five: Wall Insulation

Available Friday 29th March:

Top Tip Six: Solar Panels

Available Monday 1st April:

Top Tip Seven: Windows and Doors

Available Friday 5th April:

Top Tip Eight: Double Glazing

Available Monday 8th April:

Top Tip Nine: Energy Efficient

Available Friday 12th April:

Top Tip Ten: Wear a Jumper!