There is a fire

To you, LORD, I call, for fire has devoured the pastures in the wilderness and flames have burned up all the trees of the field. Joel 1:19

Hear Urge’s story here:

“If someone were to say there is no climate change, I could not accept this.”

Urge, farmer and shepherd in Cherkos, Ethiopia.

For Urge and the members of his community in Cherkos, the time for debating whether there is a climate crisis is over.

“If a fire touches your feet, then it is your feet that burn. So if someone else were to say that your feet were not burning, this would be unacceptable.”

The community of Cherkos and families like Urge’s, know first-hand the devastation that the climate crisis is causing. The impact on their rainy seasons has meant a shortage of food and lack of self-sufficiency which is frustrating.

When the people on the frontline of the climate crisis tell us that their feet are burning then we should listen.

Today pray…
• Pray for Urge and the community of Cherkos as they adapt to the effects of climate change.
•Pray for each other.
• Name the people and places in your own community who are on your hearts and pray for them.

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