The world sees freedom like elastic

The world sees freedom like elastic,
only so far and not too far…

Say what you like, but don’t say that.
Go where you will, but don’t go there.

Like fish in a net we can only swim as far as the mesh of culture,
or religion,
or convention will allow.

Go to the land of God’s promise
but don’t expect a welcome.

Living there, blessed in a land of milk and honey,
know this,
that God can change her mind,
can gender shift, can alter rule and practise, can counter expectation at a whim…
in the name of LOVE…
© Andrew Pratt February 2020

Reflect today….
What might God’s vision of freedom look like? 
How might this vision contrast with our worldly understanding of freedom?

Today’s poem was written for us by Andrew Pratt. Andrew is a hymn writer and ordained minister. In addition to a number of worship resources, Andrew has had four collections of hymns published by Stainer & Bell: Blinded by the Dazzle, Whatever Name or Creed, Reclaiming Praise and More than Words, and his work has appeared in many other publications.