Living Lent Family Bible Study

What does it mean to try and change our whole lives for the climate? And why is it important that we do?

As a family, or with the people in your house, take some time to explore why being a Christian means that we should be committed to helping to change the climate for the better.

This bible study explores the parable of the mustard seed, from Matthew 13, and provides activities, questions and reflections on why we should getting involved in changing our lifestyles for the climate.

Family Bible Study

Take on the Living Lent Family Challenge!

Can you make the Living Lent tree grow, as you complete the 40 challenges across Lent? 

In our Living Lent Family Challenge, there are 40 small challenges to change your impact on the environment. As you go through Lent, pick a challenge every day, and see how many you can complete. As you do so, you can add them to the tree, and watch it grow!

Print out the wall chart and challenges here:

Download the game here

Make your own milk bottle bird

At JPIT, we’ve been trying to find creative ways to reuse our plastic! Find out more, and get involved.

Make your own milk bottle bird