Family Resources

What does it mean to try and change our whole lives for the climate? And why is it important that we do?

As a family, or with the people in your house, take some time to explore why being a Christian means that we should be committed to helping to change the climate for the better.

Family Resources

Living Lent on a budget

Sometimes, making certain lifestyle changes can feel costly, and out of reach if you are trying to live on a budget. We’ve put together some suggestions of how you could do Living Lent on a budget, to help be eco and cost neutral – and sometimes even save money!

Living Lent on a budget

Faith in Politics – Living Lent Special Episode

A special episode of Faith in Politics, the JPIT Podcast, has been produced for Living Lent!

In this episode, you can listen to an interview with Rachel Lampard, hear a monthly musing about the environment, hear discussions around environmental news and find out what challenge the JPIT team are taking on for Lent.

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  • Or search ‘Faith in Politics’ on podcast addict.

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