Living Lent 2020

Living Lent is back! During Lent 2020, we are once again inviting Christians to gather as a community and journey together towards radical change for the climate.

As a global community, we are facing new and significant challenges. 2020 welcomes in a crucial decade, in anticipation of the 2030 deadline the IPCC set to curb global carbon emissions and avert catastrophic damage to the environment.[i] The “rapid, far reaching and unprecedented”[ii] changes required to prevent this call for commitment at every level of society.

How do we respond as Christians? We know that our lifestyles and choices mean we have played a role in damaging creation. But many of us are also desperate to change, as we hope to see creation flourish as God designed. So where do we begin?

We recognise that responding to the climate crisis is not just an activity, but a lifestyle. That’s why during Lent, we’re inviting you to take the first step, by making a positive commitment towards change.

During Lent, could you:

Go single-use plastic free?
Go vegetarian or vegan?
Commit to using alternative forms of transport?
Commit to living locally?
Buy nothing new?
Reduce your electricity consumption by 10%?

As we make these commitments, we will gather together as a dispersed community, to explore the difference personal lifestyle change really makes in response to a global crisis.

What’s New for 2020?

Daily Reflections – Starting on Ash Wednesday, this year’s daily reflections will be written by guest contributors from across the Church. Each day will explore how our faith and concern for creation connect, though the Bible, through art and through poetry.
Each week will focus on a different theme, exploring the breadth of ways we can seek change for creation. These include:

  • Creation
  • Freedom
  • Justice
  • Reconciliation
  • Prophetic Vision

Community – We will support each other as a dispersed community, through our digital communities on Facebook and on Twitter through the hashtag #livinglent2020.

You are also invited to take on a Living Lent challenge with your small group, or a group of friends. Come together once a week during Lent, to spend time reflecting on your Lenten journey, supported by our community resources. Find out more here.

Celebration Sunday – The world we are seeking to care for is full of wonder and beauty. How often do we take time to stop and recognise God’s wonderful creation? This Lent, we will encourage you to celebrate on Sundays, by taking time for an activity which will help you acknowledge and appreciate God’s creativity.

As we turn towards God this Lent, we seek new ways to discover how the light of resurrection breaks into our uncertainty, bringing transformation.

Are you up for exploring a new way of living this lent?

Sign up and join the community here: